Submit Your Hours

The Trail Pleasure Program is designed to recognize
the hours of fun we have with our horses and riding with Friends, in non-show related riding

Trail Program

· A paid NYSPWHC family or individual membership is required to participate .
· Fee for program participation are due yearly along with club membership dues. Hour accumulation for the program begins with paid membership/program fees
- Adult fee is $5.00 and Youth fee is $2.00
· Hours can only include non-show related (non-arena work) riding .
. Winning adult rider is not eligible for award for another three years. A youth may win the high hour award yearly.
· Rider must participate in one other Club event per participation year to be eligible for the high hour award. Rockers can be accumulated regardless of other event participation.
· All horses are eligible and need not be breed registered. If gaited and shod, should be shod for pleasure riding
· Hours will be counted from Sept 16 through Sept 15 each year.
· Hours must be received by the program chairperson the no later then Sept 15 for award consideration
· Hours are based on your riding/ driving time, doesn’t matter which horse you are using. Only the Whip can claim hours - not the passengers.

Youth Participants: Guidelines in addition to those above
- Parent or Guardian must hold a current Family membership
. Youth may participate up to age 19
. Must be riding a horse on their own (not lead line or ponied or riding piggy back); or if driving, must be the whip
. Must wear an approved up-to-date helmet
. Wear shoes with at least a 1/2 inch heel

  The program honors hours instead of miles because not all horses are not created equal in gait and stride and we all have different desires as to riding style and speed.
   The Trail Awards Committee is pleased to report that we have had tropies and medallions donated by club members for this Program.

 The trophy and roving medallions will be presented at the Fall Ride yearly going to the program participant with the most hours.