Roving medallion Designed and Donated by Alan Suits.    Riders hold this medallion for the year following their win and then pass on to the next winner

Trail Program -  Recognition

All winners receive a key chain to keep.   The first 10 were donated by Kaye Jones then Nancy Avery donated the next 20.  

  Honor Roll -  High Hour Rider

2014:  - Dee DeRosa

Trophy designed and donated by Tom Martin. 
Constructed by Stoivewell Bodies





2013: - Ann Otvos

Trophy Constructed and Donated By Wayne Eastman
2012:-Pat Robinsdon
Trophy Created and Donated By Bonnie Wolf

2015: - Kelly Clark

Trophy donated by Marie and Don ("Michigan Marie").  Constructed by Don and Friend.

2020: - Nancy Shaffer

Trophy made and donated by Lorie Suits







2017: - Shiela Stalens

Trophy donated and created by Lori Suits

2016:  - Linda Hendricks

Trophy donated was a wood carved picture of horse and dog

2019   Linda Fey

Donated by Jessie Carrier (no picture)

2018  Hans Neudel

Donated by Janet Sheflin (no picture)