Trail Preservation

Tuller Hill 

Tuller Hill is a DEC Region 7 State Forest in the Town of Virgil, containing a trail system of approximately 13 miles, approved for equestrians and hiking. The trails have not been maintained for several years, and were difficult to impassable. 

NYSPWHC volunteers and friends undertook trail cleanup starting in May 2007 using the DEC's Adopt-a-Natural Resource Stewardship Program. Under this program, we signed a contract with DEC to perform stated volunter maintenance to the DEC resource (Tuller Hill Site #10).   ...See Details...


Sugar Hill

2014 We are donating funds along with the Twin Tiers Trail Riders to have additional stalls built in the fire tower location. 

- 10 additional stalls were added

2015 - Installed head dividers and metal covers for front bar protection in the 10 stalls built in 2014.

Otter Creek

In the Fall of 2008 we allocated funds to provide some badly needed wheel barrels to the system.

The wheel barrels were donated on June 6 at our Spring ride which was also National Trail day.
Fred Monk, DEC, attended the dinner Saturday evening and accepted the donation of six wheelbarrels.

2014-18 - Funds allocated to the "Friends of Otter Creek" for trail improvements.

We believe that if all horse people aren't proactive about all our trails, over time we will lose them. We should not sit back and let this happen. The days of entitlement are over and it is up to us to step up and work for keeping all trails open for any recreation. We need all the help we can get.

Brookfield -  Moscow Hill Trail System

  We are pleased to be part of the Adopt-a-Natural-Resource Stewardship program working in conjunction with the DEC. In 2010 we started collecting bottles and cans at Brookfield to help pay for porta-potties to avoid the closure of the trails for 2 extra months of the year.   ...See Details...