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WMV files showing Walkers in Motion.
This page contains small and Large Windows Media clips.
Although we are predominately a walking horse club, membership is open to owners of all gaited breeds.  These clips are of members and friends demonstrating their gaited horses during our Fall 2005 trail ride.
Walkers can exhibit a wide variety of gaits, from the 'classic walk -- an even, four-beat gait, long and relaxed, with a distinct head nod', to a rack, a stepping pace, and others. Some of our horses have the entire repertoire of gaits, sometimes even in the same afternoon's ride!
Our gaits aren't always perfect, but our love for the breed is! 
"We are sorry, but videos may be fuzzy and hard to view on some connections"

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Windows Media for Dialup Connections

3 Friends sm

Alvin & Sundancer sm

Becky & Jordy sm

Bob & Dandy sm

Dee & Glory sm

Dick sm

Elissa & Clutch sm

Erica & Tbone sm

Janet & Shadow sm

Julie & Moon sm

Kate & Tiny sm

Kaye & William sm

Lester sm

Mary & Steve sm

Mirelle & Dave sm

Nancy & Sun sm

Steve & Rocky sm

Wayne & Littleman sm

Windows Media for ISDN Connections

3 Friends

Alvin & Sundancer

Becky & Jordy

Bob & Dandy

Dee & Glory


Elissa & Clutch

Erice & Tbone

Janet & Shadow

Julie & Moon

Kate & Tiny

Kaye & William


Mary & Steve

Mirelle & Dave

Nancy & Sun

Steve & Rocky

Wayne & Littleman

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