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The Plantation Walking Horse Club                                                                                                                   


The 23rd Annual Spring Trail Ride


June 9-11, 2017                                  FMI: Contact: Nancy Shaffer

                                                                                                Email: nlspaint1@hotmail.com

Headquarters    Otter Creek Trail System, Glenfield, NY               Phone: 607-724-6459


Please note each vehicle must fill out a Visitor Use Permit available at the Level 1 kiosk.


Current Coggins and Rabies Certificate are required for all equines!  Out of State equines require Veterinarian Travel Papers.  The ride is open to anyone with a suitable trail mount.  Our insurance dictates that unruly mounts will not be allowed to participate.  Our goal is for everyone to have a safe and enjoyable experience. Join us for what has typically been a wonderful weekend in June – come for one, two or all days. 


Remember to keep grounds clean, carry out what you carry in.  Campfires must be monitored at all times. 


We have reserved the pavilion for both Fri and Sat nights.  Please bring your own chair, table service and drinks Saturday night.  You are responsible to remove your own trash to take home with you.  


Please be considerate.  No dogs allowed at organized meals unless they are certified working dogs.


Saturday Meal Information: Catered by Trish, baker lady

  Meal will consist of:  Pulled Pork and BBQ Chicken piece; tossed, macaroni and potato salads, beans and rolls;  with cookies or brownies 


Friday, June 9

-          6:00 p.m. Cocktail Party at Pavilion.  BYOB and a snack to share.


Saturday, June 10

-          6:00 pm.  Catered Dinner at the pavilion

Dinner Reservations will only be accepted if received by May 29.  Late arrivals will have their check returned. 



******** Saturday Dinner reservations must be received by May 20 *************

Our goal is for everyone to have a safe and enjoyable experience.


                                                       NYSPWHC 23rd Annual Spring Trail Ride

                                                                                 Order Form





CELL Phone Numbers:  ______________________________________________________________


Saturday Dinner - # _____ x $12.00 each =                                                   $_________

50/50 Raffle ($1.00 / ticket or 7 tickets for $5.00)                                          $ _________


                                                                                                    Total Enclosed:       $ _________


Make Check Payable to NYSPWHC 


Summer Ride - Sugar Hill

Fall Ride - Brookfield  

Release from Liability Form –

In consideration of being allowed to participate in any way in New York State Plantation Walking Horse Club (NYSPWHC) activities or events, the undersigned (Releasor) acknowledges and fully understands that horses, their nature, the activities or events they are involved in and the facilities utilized can be very dangerous and that each participant will be engaging in activities that involve risk of injury, including permanent disability or death and that severe social and economic losses might result from their own actions or inactions, from the actions or inactions of others, or from other risks not known to us or reasonably foreseeable at the time. Said undersigned assumes all the foregoing risks and accepts personal responsibility for the damages following such injury, permanent disability or death; said undersigned, also including persons associated with the undersigned who may not be entered in the event; hereby agrees to hold harmless, indemnity, release, waive, discharge and covenants now with NYSPWHC, its officers, board of directors or members, land owners and lessors or premises used to conduct the said activities or events all of which are hereinafter referred to as releasee(s) from all claims, causes or actions, demands, losses or damages on account of injury, including death or damages to property caused or alleged to be caused in whole or in part by negligence of the releasee(s) or otherwise; said undersigned has read and signed the above waiver and release voluntarily and understands that he or she has given up substantial rights.


Signature of Releasor(s): ________________________________________________________ Date: ______________

Parent/Guardian ___________________________________________ (must be signed for anyone under 21 years of age).