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Trail Preservation
 We are pleased to be part of the Adopt-a-Natural-Resource Stewardship program working in conjunction with the DEC. 
We have yearly fund raisers:  a 50/50 at our Spring ride and an auction and poker run at our Fall ride that provides funds towards trail work.  In 2010 we started collecting bottles and cans at Brookfield to help pay for porta-potties to avoid the closure of the trails for 2 extra months of the year.  

2014 News Release

A very nice write up has been released for publication by the DEC.  We're awaiting the final printing to link here. 

Brookfield Press Release-July 2010

2009 - Last set of stalls completed



  • We have completed an Volunteer Stewardship Program (old:Adopt-A-Natural-Resource) form to be able to work on a couple trails in the system
  • Our recommendations and assistance (along with other clubs) has assisted in getting some very necessary fixes done over the last few year
    • Several covered stalls were added to the camping area
    • Tie rails put around the system at the leantos and ponds
    • Entrance widen for trailers
    • Assembly area - stall roofs and footing fixed

2018 Work Day

A small group got together to paint the six new picnic tables we contacted to be made and deliered to the assemblyl area pavillion.  

2018_BF_workday7.jpg 2018_BF_workday6.jpg 2018_BF_workday5.jpg
 2018_BF_workday4.jpg 2018_BF_workday3.jpg 2018_BF_workday2.jpg


 We received a donation from John Talbot's family, so dedicated a table to his memory.  j


2015 - 2016 Activities

 Monies donated for gravel for trail repair.  Work done by DEC.  

·         Trail 54 and 55 - repairs are completed; they had to reroute around the large mud hole on 55.

·         Trail 25 - covered exposed ground fabric and re-graveled around the culvert. 

·         Trail 32 - started repairing this trail but due to bad weather and deer season were unable to finish the repairs. 

 2014 Activities

  • Work Day  -  April 26.  30 volunteers; over 200 hours of effort  pictures

  • Our focus was on the camping area,  adding item 4 gravel footing in stalls and  in low spots in the area. Removing dead trees and general cleanup.

2013 Activities

  • First official work day  -  April 27.  38 volunteers; over 200 hours of effort  pictures

  • Our focus was on refurbishing the tie stalls, making the needed repairs to make them safe, adding item 4 gravel footing in stalls and  in low spots in the assembly area.

On Feb. 14th the Trail Preservation Committee Chair of the New York Plantation Walking Horse Club (NYSPWHC) received information from the DEC in Sherburne that due to lack of funding for portable toilets they we closing the Camping Area and Assembly Area, but leaving the trails open, by three months (May, Sept and Oct).  We immediately started working on how to keep these area open for camping and day riding parking. 
After many phone conversations, e-mails and meetings, it was decided that we would contact other clubs and horse groups to help us find the monies for this purpose and also for trail repair and maintenance.   Everyone has been wonderfully supportive: Twin Tiers Trail Riders have agreed to pay for two units for the month of May, these units were installed on May 2nd.  We have also received donations from a number of individuals who use and love this system, any excess monies will be used for the trails.  Though our Adopt-A-Natural Resource Agreement, we will be checking all trails and bridges and making notes for the DEC on what needs to be done to keep these trails open and safe. They will choose which projects are feasible with labor and finances. 

We believe that if all horse people don't be proactive about all our trails, over time we will lose them. We should not sit back and let this happen. The days of entitlement are over and it is up to us to step up and work for keeping all trails open for any recreation. 
We need all the help we can get.



Tuller Hill


Work Photo Gallery

Tuller Hill Kiosk (5/2012)


Tuller Hill Equestrian Trail Map

Tuller Hill 

Tuller Hill is a DEC Region 7 State Forest in the Town of Virgil, containing a trail system of approximately 13 miles, approved for equestrians and hiking. The trails have not been maintained for several years, and were difficult to impassable.


NYSPWHC volunteers and friends undertook trail cleanup starting in May 2007 using the DEC's Adopt-a-Natural Resource Stewardship Program. Under this program, we signed a contract with DEC to perform stated volunter maintenance to the DEC resource (Tuller Hill Site #10).


2013 Activities


  • First work day of the season was postponed due to snow, so first workday was May 11. 

  • Major blow down on The lower blue trails.  Got 1/2 cleared and realized the rest would take days.  Awaiting DEC's decision on re-route or calling in loggers.  

2012 Activities

  • First work day of the season held May 12.  Moved and tamped down club purchased gravel at the new kisok provided by the DEC.

  • Put in a culvert on B1, again a lot of gravel transported in.
  • Several people came to work on the above activities and walking or 4-wheeling the trails to open from the winter debris.  


2011 Activities

  • First work day of the season held May 14.  15 people cleared several trails of winter debris


2010 Activities

  • Obtained permission to use ski trails on Site #9 of Tuller Hill  increasing trails to 25 miles
  • Culvert put in by Town of Virgil for access to Site #9 from parking area
  • May 15, first work day, a few people covered all red trails clearing winter downage and opened the new access trail to Site #10
  • June 26 we had six people working 3.5 hours and cleared the middle section of B1 trail - that trail is now completely done
  • A tie rail has been added to the parking area
  • July 17 - B6 trail was completed - all trails are now open and marked.  The area around the tie rail was also cleared.  We had a great turn-out of workers.
  • August 21 -Started work assisting snowmobile steward on Lot 9

2009 Activities

  • Maintained trails cleared the last few years
  • Cleared a few new trails - red & yellow done; blue has a couple major clearing jobs scheduled for 2010
  • First work day of the season yielded the most number of workers yet - including several non-horse people
  • Additional funding received to do a significant wet-area rework - completed 9/2009
  • DEC provided new map and trail designation
  • New trail marking system put in place and trails remarked
  • DEC put up a mailbox in the parking area for maps
  • Temporary parking sign made by us
  • 2008 Activities

  • Trail head parking completed in July
  • Work days held as weather permitted, about 1/2 way through trail system clearing, still have to do marking
  • New small trail from trail head to creek and system completed

    2007 Activities

  • 3 volunteers took and passed the required Chain Saw certification course
  • 6 volunteers obtained or renewed their CPR to fulfill the requirement of having at least one qualified person at a work session
  • 4 work days were held with a total of 96 work hours completed.
  • A GPS map was redone showing what has been completed and what needs to be completed
  • Contractor obtained for creating the trailhead
  • Awarded a portion of the NYSHC coordinated Trail Improvement Grant to create a trailhead
  • 2006 Activities

    • Began meetings with DEC and the Town of Virgil to discuss Adopt-A-Resource activities

    • Prepared plans and completed appropriate forms

    • Submitted request for a grant from the NYSHC to provide a trailhead

    Sugar Hill

    2014 We are donating funds along with the Twin Tiers Trail Riders to have additional stalls built in the fire tower location. 

    - 10 additional stalls were added

    2015 - Installed head dividers and metal covers for front bar protection in the 10 stalls built in 2014.


    Otter Creek
    • In the Fall of 2008 we allocated funds to provide some badly needed wheel barrels to the system. 
      • The wheel barrels were donated on June 6 at our Spring ride which was also National Trail day.
      • Fred Monk, DEC, attended the dinner Saturday evening and accepted the donation of six wheelbarrels. 
    •  2014, 15 qnd 2016 - Funds allocated to the "Friends of Otter Creek" for trail improvements.

    Photos - Otter Creek Donation



      Elissa Sawyer, Chair; Nancy Avery; Wayne & Kate Eastman; Steve Bill; Ken Carrier; Walt Farnholz

      Volunteers are any member of the club willing and able to donate time to the trail clearing.


    We are also encourging other clubs to submit their participation.



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